Wall Sawing

We have the requisite experience and skills to meet all your wall sawing Auckland requirements, whether it be a basic door or window opening or selective demolition. Our wall saw team are committed to providing excellent workmanship from the start to finish of your project.

For all Auckland wall sawing projects, we make use of equipment to cut deep into surfaces leaving no marks or traces after the sawing process. Our company has the capability to customize our sawing machinery to meet the scope of your sawing project. The team’s extensive experience and expertise with various sawing machines provides our company with the ability to meet any unique challenge that may arise on your job.

The wall cutting equipment our technician’s use is state of the art technology and on par with the world’s best. The result being that we are now among the leaders of Auckland’s sawing and drilling industry.

Auckland Wall Sawing Services

Our service offering includes a diverse range of equipment and materials, for cutting walls in civil, residential and commercial projects

As well as above, our concrete wall sawing team also offer the below services:

Early Entry Sawing

Early entry sawing uses blades especially designed for efficient sawing on any surface. Our early entry saws are capable of penetrating very dense structures which can assist in the prevention of cracking and joint stress whilst sawing is in process.

Electric and Gas Horizontal Sawing

This method of sawing is used for flat expanses including but not limited to bridges, roads, concrete floor slabs, and control joints for when the site has steel reinforced concrete and asphalt. Our Auckland sawing and drilling technician’s saws are equipped with diamond blades for high accuracy cutting.

Wire Sawing

We use wire sawing technology for both continuous precise or oscillating cuts, alternating between cable or metal wire for use in areas where bulkier saws are unable to be used, confined spaces being an example. Typically a wire saw use small multi thread wire that is laced with industrial diamonds for a sharper blade. Also, when carrying out controlled site demolitions, where damage needs to be kept to a minimum, we utilize a pulley system to enable cuts in any direction.

In addition to our wall sawing services, our team of experts are also experienced with planning the safest and quickest way to safely and efficiently remove debris during a site demolition.

Some of the other services we provide are

Brick wall cutting

Dowel drilling

Demolition and concrete barrier wall removal

Repair of concrete cracks

Concrete coring

Servicing Clients in Auckland

Supplementing the aforementioned residential and commercial concrete sawing services we provide, we also offer a range of services like concrete sealing, curb cutting and removal. Our vision is to be the leader of the Auckland concrete contracting services industry.

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