Core Drilling


We guarantee our customers a core drilling service in Auckland that’s not only safe and fast, but one that is customized to your particular needs, whether it be penetrating concrete walls, floors or ceilings.

We have a diverse range of advanced techniques and tools (like our core hole drill and diamond drilling), that enable our core drilling experts to drill perfectly circular holes with no impact to surroundings.

Our capabilities mean we can drill holes in concrete for utilities ranging in size from 6 feet or larger to a tiny 1 inch in diameter.


DIY coring can be very challenging, but our team of professionals will make drilling look easy for you. Core drilling holes and concrete cutting for heating, ventilation, plumbing or appliances is all within our remit.


If you’re running a construction project, we will provide the highest standards of precision core drilling to ensure your building development drilling runs smoothly, and there will be no problem installing facilities such as phone lines, plumbing, sprinkler systems, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

Our Core Drilling Auckland team use the highest standards of quality and accuracy to make sure that your construction project’s building development happens efficiently, with no issues when installing utilities such as plumbing and sprinkler systems, aircon and ventilation etc.

Why choose our Auckland core drill team?

We customize our drilling coring services to meet the varied requirements and expectations of our clients.

Regardless of how difficult or constrained the project timelines are, we will aim to deliver the core drilling you need within your budget and scope.

To ensure our core drilling is efficient and competitive, we use only the safest and most advanced concrete drilling equipment like water cooled drills and diamond core drilling.

Our core drilling work is exemplified by:

  • High attention to detail.
  • Utilize the latest equipment.
  • Highly skilled technicians
  • Strong focus on safety

Call today to discover more on how our service help make your commercial construction concrete cutting, coring drilling requirements easier and with affordable rates.