Road Sawing and Asphalt Cutting

Road sawing is the most typically used diamond cutting technique to cut horizontal/ flat surfaces like roads, driveways, pavements or bridge decks etc. These petrol/diesel or electric powered road saws utilise a diamond blade that is positioned on a self driving, walk behind machine which needs only a single operator.

Road sawing can be hazardous work. So it’s essential that these saws, which are used to cut large sections, are well maintained and operated by a person trained and experienced in sawing and who is aware of the dangers involved with road sawing.

A typical use for a road saw is to make expansion joints, penetration cuts in slabs and removing damaged sections of the slab.

Concrete Cutting Auckland is a market leader in the use of the concrete road saw, sawing and drilling, and pattern paving cutting.

Concrete Cutting Auckland’s concrete road saws are capable of road cutting a range of widths and depths into various surfaces like bitumen, asphalt and concrete on suspended slabs, driveways, road surfaces and concrete slabs. Concrete floor sawing is also suitable.

If you are looking for providers for asphalt cutting and road sawing Auckland wide, or other sawing services, by a leader in the concrete cutting industry then please do contact us. Our Concrete road sawing team will meet your requirements.