Concrete Cutting

We are the region’s industry leader for professional concrete cutting solutions. Our diverse range of concrete cutting equipment enables us to easily tackle any concrete cutters task with efficiency and exactly to requirements. Our Auckland concrete cutting experts will use this equipment to cut your concrete wall, path, slab, or a multitude of other concrete structures safely and with accuracy.

We serve the entire Auckland Region and beyond, specializing in providing you with a cost effective concrete cutting option. Our capabilities include:

  • Plunge Cutting (also known as coring)
  • Soft Cutting
  • Pattern Cutting
  • Asphalt cutting
  • Paver Cutting

Concrete Cutting Auckland’s capabilities explained:

What is plunge cutting?

A concrete plunge cut is a type of concrete cutting that is made using a handheld circular saw or even a chainsaw. Using this technique, a concrete cutter is able to make deep penetrations. This is useful for sawing openings without any over cutting, making it a suitable method for cutting window frames and doorways.

What is Soft cutting?

Cutting usually uses a wet process, however with soft-cut equipment we are able to make dry cuts soon after the concrete finishing. Using a combination of a skid plate and a soft cut blade, the tool is able to apply pressure to the concrete surface without spalling or chipping. This technique is usually used when the job needs to get to expansion cuts/control joints as early as possible.

What is pattern cutting?

Pattern cutting is used when you want the impression of pavers as a finish. This techniques is mostly used for jobs like pool edging, walkways and pathways, and the edges of pools. Our team of operators can cut a range of patterns to suit your preferences to achieve the finish you want.

What is asphalt cutting?

Asphalt is a mix of bitumen and aggregate; commonly used in New Zealand as a replacement to more expensive concrete roads, driveways and pathways; cutting sawing and drilling of asphalt uses many of the same tools and equipment used for concrete cutting.

What is Paver cutting?

Paver cutting involves a purpose built cutting machine that uses a wet diamond blade saw to precisely cut brick, block and pavers to any specification.

Wanting Saw Concrete cutting in Auckland?

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